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WOK Sidetrip in SG.

It has almost been two months since I’ve visited Singapore and I haven’t blogged about it yet here in WOK. Anyway, it’s better late than never.

Much has been said about the Lion City and most of them are positive comments and being there myself to see and experience how Uniquely Singapore it is, I couldn’t agree more with the good remarks I’ve heard about this country. Anyway, I wouldn’t give a detailed explanation about everything but I made a list of the top 10 memorable sights, experiences, and mini-adventures from the trip. Enjoy, lah!

The Merlion

1. The Merlion and Esplanade

Of course, a trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without having a mandatory tourist-shot with the Merlion or the durian-shaped Esplanade as background for your souvenir photos. I’ll keep my photo for private viewing only. The Merlion is a famous landmark in Singapore. One is situated in Sentosa and the other one (pictured below) can be seen near the Esplanade. I learned that the lion’s head represents Singapore’s original name which is Singapura or lion city. The Esplanade on the other hand, is Singapore’s cultural hub where theatrical shows and exhibits are held.

The Merlion and the Esplanade: Two of Singapore's famous landmark

2. The Garden City
If there’s such thing as a pocket-garden country then it would be Singapore. Trees serve as shade under the scorching heat of the sun and plants are properly landscaped in sidewalks. The sight of greens and the scent of freshly cut grass exudes a breathe of fresh air. Singaporeans and tourists alike are also encouraged to Recycle and segregate their garbage properly. It just shows that a well-preserved environment co-exist with a progressive economy.
Singapore, a garden city.



3. MRT
Singapore’s mass transportation system is efficient, fast and always on time. Hopping aboard the MRT can take you to all points of the country. I remember during my Community Development class in college, my professor stressed that an organized mass transportation system is key to a progressive economy. It makes people more efficient and it lessens stress among the workforce.

Singapore's MRT from Changi Airport

4. Value Hotel, Thomson
Looking for an affordable accommodation in Singapore? I recommend that you stay in Value Hotel. We stayed at Value Hotel, Thomson. It is newly renovated and near the Novena MRT station (a 10-minute walk away from the station itself). Don’t be surprised because just like other budget hotels in SG, the rooms and bathroom in VH are small but clean. Oh well, who needs a big room when all you need is place to snooze off.

Value Hotel (building in pink) in Thomson Street.

View from Value Hotel's Swimming pool veranda. A typical street in Singapore. Traffic-free and clean.

5. Boat Quay
I was lucky enough to be treated for an early dinner by my grandmother in Boat Quay. I learned that Quay is pronounced as “key” and not “kway”. Of course, we ordered Singapore’s famous Hainanese roasted chicken and Chili crabs. I also had the chance to taste Singapore’s local beer – Tiger. Boat Quay is a famous dining place in SG. A stretch of restaurants offering different cuisines can be found here and guests can dine in an alfresco area by the river. Good thing, the river is clean and doesn’t have an awful smell.

Early Dinner @ Boat Quay. We're lucky to be accomodated by a Filipina. Truly, Pinoy hospitality at its best!

Singapore's local beer - Tiger

It is best to have dinner at Boat Quay at night so you can enjoy the sight of lighted buildings by the river.

Restaurants along Boat Quay.

Night Life in Boat Quay

6. Hawker Centres
But if you are on a tight budget, these Hawker stalls which are all over the place in Singapore would suffice your hunger. Hawker centres can be found anywhere in Singapore. These are Singapore’s version of street food but prepared in a hygienic way. Famous hawker food offerings include Hainanese Chicken, chicken cooked on chicken stock prepared over rice;  Satay,  skewered meat with sauce; Laksa, noodles in coconut chili soup and many more. For a taste of Singaporean dishes here in Manila, you can visit the Makansutra restaurant at the Manila Ocean Park in Roxas Boulevard.

Hawker Stalls in SG.

7. Lucky Plaza
I never felt I left home when I was in SG. Pinoys are everywhere and a mall in SG became popular because it became a favorite hang-out place among our kababayans. I checked out Lucky Plaza and I was surprised that almost all of the people inside are Filipinos. There’s even a store inside selling shampoo, facial wash, chips and crackers etc. all from the Philippines. It looked like a sari-sari store. Check out the print ad below. The copy is written in Tagalog! This just show the enormous number of Filipinos in SG and they even have their own community – Pinoytown?

Pinays at Lucky Plaza

8. Little India
Indians are the third largest ethnic group in Singapore and Little India is a neighborhood in SG where Indian settlers and merchants can be found. Since I haven’t been to India, I thought of visiting the place so I could immerse myself with the colorful and rich Indian culture. I wasn’t disappointed because everything from Indian food, merchandise, silk and even bollywood films can be found here. Colorful houses and architectures (pictured below) are common scene in Little India and during my visit I was lucky enough to witness an Indian wedding happening in one of their temples.

Colorful architecture

Indian Wedding

9. Orchard Road
I remember two weeks after my SG visit, Orchard Road was in the news headline because it was submerged in flood. (Check this link for photos) Good thing, I was able to take a decent picture of the famous ION orchard during my visit. Orchard Road is a stretch of shopping malls with stores ranging from high-end brands to factory outlets. This is a must-visit place for those who are in need of retail therapy.

ION Orchard's exterior

10. Universal Studios Singapore
I told myself that it is a must that I visit Universal Studios Singapore during my short stay in SG. Thank God! for Resorts World for bringing the famous amusement park franchise in South East Asia, at least it’s much closer to home. Most of the theme park attractions are based from famous movies like Shrek, Madagascar, The Mummy Returns, Battlestar Galactica, Jurassic Park, Waterworld and many more. I think Universal Studios is more appropriate to teens, young adults and families as compared to Disney theme parks which cater more to kids. So, let me show you some of the photos I’ve taken in Universal Studios Singapore.

The famous Universal Studio's globe


A statue upon entering Hollywood in USS. Behind is the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster, which unfortunately is closed until September 2010.

Walk of Fame


It was no surprise to see Filipino artists in Universal Studios Singapore. Most of the singers and dancers during the street performances are Filipinos and it makes me proud to see our kababayans deliver a world-class performance and is well applauded during the show.

Filipino singers and dancers at the Kowabunga Kove street show

All Pinoy Hip-hop group in USS


Mel’s Drive In is a 50’s inspired diner located at Hollywood in USS. They serve your all-time favorite American meals like burgers, fries, chicken fingers, shakes and a lot more.

Mel's Drive In

At Far Far Away Land.

Far Far Away Land. Looks exactly thesame as the one seen in the Shrek movie.

Shrek's 4D-D adventure at the Shrek Castle.


Kids enjoying the fountain at the Jurrasic Park area

I'll come back for you!

The amazing stunt and pyrotechnic show at the Waterworld.

For more information regarding Universal Studios Singapore, please click here.

The Lion City continues to be a benchmark to its neighboring countries in South East Asia. They have proven that with discipline they can be one of the most progressive and highly-industrialized countries in the world. But aside from being a modern city, Singapore is a melting pot of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences. The mix of a cosmopolitan city and the medley of various cultures truly makes Singapore Unique. My list is just a few of the sights you might want to visit in SG, but for sure there is more to discover and experience in this unique country.

For more information regarding Singapore, please click here.

I WOK'd in Singapore.


Their mass transportation system is also efficient, fast and always on time. I remember during my Community Development class in college, my professor stressed that an organized mass transportation system is key to a progressive economy. It makes people more efficient and it lessens stress-levels among the workforce.


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Thanks kulot! 🙂 Is more excited on my trip to SG because of this article. I love your pics! more places to come 🙂

Comment by Pamela Christine C. Reyes

Hi Pam! It’s my pleasure to be of help.

Enjoy your SG trip! 🙂

Comment by walksofkulot

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