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* I WOK’d in Lakawon Island is part of the author’s 3-day travel journal from his first mini solo backpacking trip in Negros Occidental.

Negros Occidental is known for its vast sugar cane plantations, local cuisines, sweet delicacies and pre-colonial ancestral houses. Reason why I was surprised to know that there is a white-sand beach near Bacolod I can visit. Since I know many of my blog’s readers consider visiting the beach during their trips, I decided to visit this not-so-secret-anymore beach destination near Bacolod which you might also want to include in your itinerary during your upcoming trips to Bacolod or Negros.

Going to Lakawon

From the Ceres Liner north terminal in Bacolod City, it was an hour and a half bus ride going to Cadiz City (6th town north from Bacolod City). I was dropped at the Martesan bus and tricycle terminal where I rode a tricycle going to Barangay Cadiz Viejo. Going to the Lakawon Island Beach Resort, I rode a motor-driven bangka which took me around 20-minutes to reach the island.

The Martesan bus and tricycle terminal in Cadiz.

Tricycle ride going to Brgy. Cadiz Vejio.

Lakawon Rates and Fees table

The walkway leading to the sea where the boats are parked.

*Bus fare to Cadiz City (non-stop): P 80.00. Tricycle fare to Barangay Cadiz Viejo: P 20.00/person. Boat rental going to Lakawon: P 600.00/group of four. Resort entrance fee: P 100.00/person.

Lakawon Island Beach Resort

The private owned island boasts of white-sand beach and shallow waters where visitors can laze and hang-out under nipa-hut or swim into the sea. The name Lakawon was from the cebuano word “lakaw” which means “to walk” because one can actually walk on shallow waters during low-tide. The island resor is popular among local tourists because of its proximity to Bacolod but not as popular compared to other beaches in the country. Nipa huts and cottages can be rented for an overnight stay. Other activities in the island include kayaking, banana boat ride and beach volleyball.

Lakawon Island

A part of an old boat with the name Lakawon written on it.

The nipa huts on the island.

Under the shade.

One of the shades near the sea where you can laze around without being sunburned.

If I were to rate Lakawon compared to other beaches I’ve visited in the country I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5 rating. I am disappointed that aside from the entrance fee, guests have to rent for nipa huts where they can leave their belongings. They also charge a corkage fee if you bring your own food and drinks to the island. Some of the resort’s facilities are not maintained and looks worn-out. I think the island resort has a lot of potential of becoming a famous destination in Negros Oriental if only they will do a little clean-up of the island and improve its facilities. But nevertheless, if you’re in Bacolod and you’re up for a beach bumming trip, Lakawon Island is a destination you may want to consider.

View from the elevated hut on the island.

Lakawon Island has a lot of potential of becoming a famous destination in Negros Occidental, it needs a little clean-up though.


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Thanks for this post. i am looking for beaches where we can camp out for free. I am looking at the feasibility of staying in this resort but it seems that the total expenses will be just the same if we stayed in one of the inns within the city proper noh? 😦

Comment by Missy l Sole of Missy

Hi Missy,

Sorry for the late reply.

I guess if you have companions, the expenses would be cheaper. 🙂

Comment by walksofkulot

are they allowing to bring food? 600? ilang tao ba sa isang boat? so isang boat 600 lng at hindi 100per head and boad? please email me or add me sa facebook or email me sa

Comment by chefgy

Hi Chefgy,

It was almost two years ago when I posted this entry. I am not sure if the rates are still thesame this 2012. But based from my experience, the boat rental (P600) is good for 4 persons. I am not sure how many people they allow in excess of four but they charge P150.00/person. And yes, you can bring your own food but they charge P50.00/person corkage fee. There’s a rate table in one of the photos in my post, you might want to check it out.

Again, prices may change without prior notice since these are the rates during my visit in 2010. But I guess this will give you an idea how much they charge 🙂 Enjoy your trip and thanks for dropping by.

Comment by walksofkulot

Hi! this is jane and i would like to inquire if you still have available hut for next week April 8, 2012. I would like to make a reseervation for that date. If you could give me a reply asap that would be great. I am waiting for that asap.

Comment by Mary Jane Tejido

Hi Jane,

Sorry but this post is merely for blogging purposes only and I won’t be able to make reservations for you because I am not connected with the resort. I think it’s better that you go directly to the resort for your queries. The last time I checked they still don’t have a website. Anyway, happy trip! Thanks for dropping by.

Comment by walksofkulot

Im on da road now going to bacolod wish i could also visit lakawon,,, tnx for posting dis;)

Comment by Morion

Hi Morion,

It’s my pleasure that you find this post helpful. I think if you’re looking for a beach day trip near Bacolod, Lakawon is a place to consider. 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

Comment by walksofkulot

Hi. How was the boat ride from Cadiz Viejo to Lakawon? I will be travelling to Bacolod alone this Halloween weekend. Is it safe to ride a banca in October? Do the boatmen provide life vests? Baka malunod kasi ako at di na makabalik. Hehe Thanks

Comment by art

Hi Art!

The boat ride is approximately 20 minutes from Cadiz Viejo. Malapit lang naman yung island. Nung pumunta ako di naman malakas yung alon, tama lang 🙂 Di ko lang sure during the last week of October. Maybe its safe if you will check the weather forecast before heading to Lakawon. By the way, there are available life jackets in the banca so you don’t have to worry! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and Happy Trip!

Comment by walksofkulot

Great information! Although, I didnt see how much the rent is for the nipa huts. Would you remember? We’re planning a day trip to Lakawon since we’re spending four days in Bacolod 🙂

Also, your photos are really captivating 😀

Comment by Astrid

Hi Astrid!

Thanks for dropping by and my apologies for the very late reply. Anyway, the prices of nipa huts vary – but I guess its not more than P500.00 per hut. The price may be lower depending on how long you will use the facility. Hope I was able to answer your question 🙂 Happy trip!

Comment by walksofkulot

hi there kulot! I chanced upon your blog coz google linked me here. I was actually looking for a nice beach near bacolod. your blog is very helpful for negros first-timers like me.

i would like to know if:

1.) Do we have to pay for the 600 RT boat ride even if we’re just 2? I mean, that’s for 4 persons right? How about if we’re 2?

2.) What time can they accommodate day trip? Can we go there at 8am?

3.) Is it advisable to have an overnight in the island? or daytrip lang?

4.) And would they check if you have stashed food in your bag?

thanks kulot. we would definitely go to lakawon, im just thinking if it will be for an overnight stay.

Comment by blissfulguro

Hi Blissfulguro!

Thanks for taking time to read my Negros articles and I am glad that my Lakawon entry was of help to you.

Anyway, to answer your questions:

1) Unfortunately, Yes. You have to pay the full amount of P600.00 even if you’re only two passengers. I paid the full amount and I was alone. Maybe you could wait for other passengers, so you can share the fare with them.

2) It was off-season when I visited Lakawon (October) and I arrived there around 10am and there are already ‘bangkas’ available. So I guess if you will visit during Summer boats are available by that time.

3) It depends if you want to spend most of your time in the beach. There are cottages and villas for rent in the island. So if you’re planning to stay overnight, accommodation wouldn’t be a problem. There’s also a mini-bar and restaurant there. Based from my trip, I only spent a day in Lakawon because I wanted to explore more of Bacolod and nearby towns like Silay and Talisay.

4) I am not sure if they check bags, because I only brought a backpack with me. Good thing they did not check it. Maybe you can bring in chips which you can hide under your luggage – but it’s always better to follow their rules or else you have to pay the corresponding corkage fee.

I hope I was able to answer your questions. Thanks again for taking time to read my article. Maybe you can share your experiences here after your visit.

Have a safe trip!

Comment by walksofkulot

whew!that was fast!thanks for replying…im eyeing either lakawon island or jomabo island…i’ll take your advice, maybe we’ll just visit for a day lang…we’ll love to see the rest of negros occidental..thanks!:) can i add you on my blogroll?hehe

Comment by blissfulguro

Sure, by all means 🙂 Thanks again for visiting my blog.

If you haven’t been to Talisay or Silay in Negros – I suggest that you visit these places. By the way, haven’t heard about Jomabo island before. I think I should visit it next time.

Enjoy your vacation!

Comment by walksofkulot

In searching for nearest beach resorts in Bacolod, I happened to stumble upon your blog. 😉 You had a great review of the island! I wanna ask if the beach is good and if it has clear water too. TIA!

Comment by G-nang

Hi G-nang!

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to read my entry about Lakawon Island. Anyway, with regard to your question I think the beach in Lakawon is pretty decent – white sand, clean and clear water, beach huts etc. But of course, don’t expect too much with the resort’s facilities. You can bring your own food but they also charge corkage fees. But I think if you’re in Bacolod and you want to spend a day or an overnight stay on a beach, Lakawon is worth visiting. Enjoy your trip!

Comment by walksofkulot

Hi there,

We’ll be visiting Bacolod in April and due to time constraints, we won’t be able to go to Sipalay Island. I was looking for a beach near Bacolod City and that’s how I bumped into your blog. We’d only take a day tour though. Appreciate if you can email me the “it needs a little clean up though” look and feel of the island. Also, is there a resto on the island and how is the food? Corkage seems to be expensive per person per meal, might as well just eat at the resto. Is there a comfort/shower room as well since we’re on day tour and would need to freshen up after swimming of course. Thanks a lot!

Comment by misericordia

Hi misericordia,

I am glad that you bumped into my blog and found something interesting to read. Anyway, to answer your queries — If you’re planning a day tour beach trip near Bacolod, I suggest that you visit Lakawon. I think it’s the closest from Bacolod. Actually, the beach is okay if you’re not that finicky but of course it’s far from Boracay or Palawan though the sand in Lakawon is white. Don’t expect too much, but after all its a white sand beach. I think they have a resto/mini bar in the island because it’s privately owned, though I haven’t tried it. They also have cottages and rooms which you can rent for an overnight stay or a day trip. And lastly, yes the island has a comfort room and wash area where you can clean up after swimming. It’s pretty decent.

I hope I was able to answer your questions. Have fun on your trip to Bacolod!

Comment by walksofkulot

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