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December 5, 2010, 8:08 am
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The title of this blog entry would have been perfect…but I have to try my luck first.

When I learned about the SEAIR blogging contest in their Facebook page, I know I am one the hundreds of hopeful bloggers to win this much-coveted-another-check-in-the-bucketlist-worthy prize – a FREE trip to Batanes! Of course, who wouldn’t want to win a trip to one of the prime destination in our country? And most of all it’s for FREE! And since my obsession for local tourism started, I have always wanted to visit Batanes on my future trips but the hefty airline ticket price that comes with the trip wouldn’t allow me to go. Anyway, having said these I am really crossing my fingers, hoping and praying that I would make the cut.

But why should WOK be chosen to join the tour?

First of all, just like the others, I would want to win this FREE trip to Batanes because of the good reviews I’ve heard about this place. I want to see old houses made of coral stones, witness the province’s cliffs and beaches, take postcard-perfect photos of the rolling hills and the Basco lighthouse and lastly experience how winter is in the Philippines. But more than these sights, I want to immerse myself on how the Ivatans live. I think what makes every travel experience more memorable and life-changing is how you connect and interact with the people you meet during those trips. These experiences cannot be captured by the lens of my camera but will surely make an impact when I reminisce about the place in the future.

Since I try to maintain a travel blog, which mainly features local destinations in the Philippines, I think if I win this contest Batanes will be a great addition to the list of my blog’s travel entries. I believe Batanes is an inspiring place to write about and it will surely grace the pages of my blog. It’s simply picturesque that I might run out of adjectives to describe how beautiful the place is or I could take amateurish shots but it might turn out to be professional-looking. If I win, it would be my pleasure to blog about the trip and share my snapshots to my blog’s readers. And since the winner will be taken to Batanes for free (accommodations inluded) that means I could save up for future local trips in which I could help support local tourism.

I think I am also an adventurous traveler. I joined this contest because I think it will be a new experience for me. I haven’t won any FREE trips before and I haven’t travelled with people I don’t know, though I have tried travelling alone. This will be all new to me. I think being young (not saying that other joiners are old, others might be even younger than me) makes me more willing to try different things. I have no apprehensions when it comes to experiencing new things and I am willing to do it for the sake of experience. So If I win, expect me not to be finicky – after all it’s for FREE!

Aside from the rare opportunity to go to Batanes, I would also want to win this contest to meet new people and fellow bloggers who share my passion. I’ve learned that SEAIR has an adventure team, most of them are famous Filipino travel bloggers and professional photographers and they are given the rare opportunity to travel for free and blog about their trips. As a neophyte blogger, I look up to these people, I regularly read their blogs and I am hoping that someday I could be a good travel writer and photographer like them. Through this contest, I am hoping to meet some of them and maybe gain some insights and learning on how to be successful in what they do.

Lastly, I think I should be one of the Lucky 7 winners to win this contest because with no doubt, I love my country. I am a nationalistic freak.  But if I will be chosen to win this trip, I think I will love the Philippines more. Going to a new place or province in the Philippines completes my being a Filipino. I think what makes me different from other people is when I visit other places; I don’t want to be called a tourist because I believe I am a wanderer learning more about my country and myself. It instills in me nationalism and pride that indeed I am lucky to be living in a country so blessed with the best natural attractions and wonderful people.

I haven’t been to Batanes, but with the photos I’ve seen and articles I’ve read about it, I think it is really one of the must-visit destinations in the country. The alluring charm of Batanes makes it as the ultimate dream destination and the #1 in the bucket list checklist of almost all Pinoy travel junkie. So if you think the Walks of Kulot deserves to win this contest, help me out by following the simple steps below:

1.       “Like” SEAIR’s facebook page here.

2.       Click on the photo below and like it on SEAIR’s facebook page.

If you think WOK deserves to join SEAIR's Batanes tour, please click on this photo and like it on SEAIR's facebook page. (Batanes Art by the Walks of Kulot)

3.        That’s it!  Win or loose, I will be forever grateful if you “Like-d” my post. 🙂

* South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) is one of the few airline carriers that have direct flights to Basco airport in Batanes. To know more about Batanes and SEAIR, please visit:

Lastly, seven lucky bloggers will be chosen to win the Batanes tour this January. So what are you waiting for? You still have time to make your own blog entry. Visit this link for the contest mechanics. Who knows? we might this contest. Good luck to us!


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cute poster(?)! good luck 🙂

Comment by pinaytraveljunkie

Wow! Hi pinaytraveljunkie! I read your blog 🙂 Thank you for the kind comment. By the way, you have a great blog. I hope we’ll be chosen to win this contest so I can meet you in person. Good luck to us!

Comment by walksofkulot

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