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Goodbye, 2011! WOK’s Year-end post.
December 31, 2011, 5:58 pm
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Looking back at my year-end post last year, I realized how much I travelled the previous year compared this 2011. I could say that 2010 was the best year for my blog so far with the number of places I’ve been to and with the opportunities that came along the way. But does that mean 2011 was a flop? I don’t think so. Maybe I just lost inspiration and the enthusiasm to blog more this year – breaking my 2011 resolution. But I promise to myself and to those who regularly visit my blog that 2012 will be better! I will update all my backlog posts and the Walks of Kulot will get back on track. More exciting adventures along the way, more people to meet and amazing experiences to blog about!

As we bid goodbye to the year that was, here are 11 highlights of 2011 that I am grateful for (Some of it I haven’t blogged about):

11. Taal Trek

Got the chance to trek to the crater of Taal volcano. Weeks after our visit, tourists were banned from going to the place because of the eruption warning. Lucky us!

Click on this link, to read post about Taal.

Horse back riding to the crater of the lake.

The Taal Volcano crater

10. Cast-away for a Day at Caramoan Island

Aside from its stunning beaches, Caramoan is also known as the venue of the hit-reality series Survivor. Being a survivor fan, being able to see an actual Survivor set is a dream come true!

Read more about the Survivor Islands, here.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. @Caramoan, Island

Matukad Island @ the Caramoan Peninsula

9. A visit to the historical Ruins at Corregidor Island

Last August I had the chance to visit Corregidor Island via the Sun Cruises tour which I purchased at 50% off! I haven’t wrote about this yet, but hopefully in the coming months I will be able to blog about this historical trip.

Pacific War Memorial @ Corregidor

Ruins at the historical Corregidor, Is.

8. More than just Coffee

Bag of Beans in Tagaytay City might be popular to many but I only got the chance to know about this place this year. The laidback ambiance of the place, cozy interiors, warm lighting, good food (I recommend their Apple Pie ala-mode) and the picturesque view of the Taal Lake make me want to visit Bag of Beans every weekend.

Laidback afternoon at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City

7. Back in Bacolod

This 2011 I went back to Bacolod and had a taste of the famous Chicken inasal once again. But aside from this, I also visited two famous churches at Victorias City – the Church of the Angry Christ and the Church of Carthwheels plus I got the chance to see the oldest locomotive train at the Victorias milling station. Also, visited the Hofileña House and saw the smallest doll in the world!

Church of Carthwheels at Negros Occidental

Church of the Angry Christ @ Victorias City, Negros Occidental

Smallest doll at the Hofileña Ancestral House at SIlay City

6. Laidback at Punta Bulata

One of the highlights of this year was our beach trip at Punta Bulata in Negros Occidental. Got the chance to stay at the luxurious Ayu Spa Resort for free and experience a laidback island life at its finest! Check out Issue No. 8 of Lonely Planet Magazine Philippines for a feature about the Ayu Spa Resort or visit for more information about this boutique hotel.

Sunset at Punta Bulata beach

The boutique hotel (Ayi Spa Resort) @ Punta Bulata, Negros Occidental

The Balinese inspired room at the Ayu Spa Resort.

5. The giant higantes of Angono

This year, I also had the chance to attend one of the festivals that is famous in Pinoy Pop Culture-  the Higantes Festival at Angono, Rizal. It was raining during the parade but later did I know that it was actually part of the yearly fiesta.

Read about the miraculous rain and the Higantes Festival, here.

Higantes Festival parade at Angono Rizal

4. Back in Sagada

I was mesmerized the first time and I fell in-love the second time around. Just before the year ended, I endured another 12-hour bus ride just to see you. Words can’t express how much I love this place. Sagada, you are simply stunning and I want to love you more. Will post something about this trip this January.

But if you want to know more about Sagada, here is a link to my post last year.

Toploading at Sagada

"I was mesmerized the first time and I fell in-love the second time around."

Camping by the bonfire @ Rock Inn - my favorite place to stay in when in Sagada.

3. Misa de Gallo Day 1 at the Baguio Cathedral

Every year, I try my best to complete the dawn masses. But it was more special this year because I had the chance to attend the first day of the Misa de Gallo at the Baguio Cathedral. The cold weather was just perfect to jumpstart this yearly Christmas tradition.

Belen installation at the Baguio Cathedral.

2. Lonely Planet Contributions + the opportunity to be a member of the Pinoy Travel bloggers 🙂

One of the blessings I am grateful for this year, is the chance to contribute for Lonely Planet Magazine Philippines. I had the chance to contribute photos and write for their 10 Easy Trips section about Caramoan and The Ruins at Talisay, Negros Occidental. I would like to thank Aia Jimenez of Lonely Planet Magazine Philippines for considering me on these writing gigs. This 2012, watch out for the upcoming issue of LP Phillipines and check out the 10 Easy Trips section for my Angono, Rizal article.

Check-out the 10 Easy Trips section in these LP issues.

Another great thing that happened this year was I got accepted to be a member of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers in Facebook. I would like to thank the Ms. Gael Hilotin, known as The Pinay Solo backpacker ( for accepting the request. Having this chance might not be a big deal for some, but for me it is! I hope to meet the PTB members soon and maybe join them in their future trips.

PTB logo

1. Last day of the year at Laiya

A perfect daycation trip just before the year ended. A day at the beach never fails to bring out the zest in life. Cheers to more island getaways!

Daycation @ Laiya, Batangas

On the last day of 2011, may the waves take all our worries away. Tomorrow, we will be facing another dawn full of hope and endless possibilities. Let’s own the year ahead that it will be bolder and better as we traverse another path full of wonderful surprises and amazing adventures. Happy New Year from WOK!

Goodbye 2011! Let's own the year ahead that it will be bolder and better as we traverse another path full of wonderful surprises and amazing adventures.


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wow daming lugar. More travels for all of us … Hope to see you on the road.

Comment by juanderfulpinoy

Thanks for dropping by 🙂 And YES to more travels and adventures..hope to see you also.

Comment by walksofkulot

nc shot sir hehe gud job

Comment by cinos

Thanks Sir! 🙂 Kuya Jason ikaw ba si Cinos? haha

Comment by walksofkulot

wow, many nice places and stunning photos here pre!
i think this is my first time here and will definitely visit back.
congrats sa writing gigs sa LP, astig!

Comment by journeyingjames

Hi Sir, Thanks for visiting! 🙂 It’s really my pleasure that you dropped by and leave a comment. Goodluck sa project nyo this 2012 and hope to meet you soon.

Comment by walksofkulot

your 2011 isn’t a flop… you’ve been to many places and you were able to publish a couple of articles in LP… indeed a fruitful year!

Happy New Year! 🙂

Comment by mervz |

Hi Sir Mervz,

Thinking about it,Yes, it was indeed a fruitful year…except for my backlog posts..haha..This 2012, I should try my best to have at least one post per month.

Anyway, Happy New Year also to you! To more travels this 2012! 🙂

Comment by walksofkulot

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