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Talkback 2012.
December 31, 2012, 3:10 pm
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2011 you sucked big time! You were a year full of pitfalls and disappointments. You’re like a dark overcast filling me with gloom. You allowed me to reach rock bottom and I couldn’t hardly stand on my feet again. Life was slapping me with bullsh*t I thought I don’t deserve. But these series of events (which are unnecessary to mention anymore since they are gone past) have been lifelong lessons I am grateful because they happened early on.

But 2012, yes you 2-0-1-2 (the year I thought the world would end) brought a new hope in me. You lit a spark in my heart waiting to make a change as I face another year – better, stronger and with much enthusiasm. The good thing about you is that you allowed me to start again. My mantra for you 2012 was filled with much passion and excitement as I work on refreshed goals and making things work for me this time. I tried my best to have a more positive outlook in life and to reach out to more people – cherish relationships that matter because it’s not about the quantity but the quality of friendship you make. You taught me to talk less and listen more. 2012, I will be forever grateful for all the amazing surprises you have brought me. You have proven that with God’s grace and determination whatever you hope for can be possible. I am thankful for all the opportunities that came along the way. Thank you for the dream job albeit the sleepless nights, for the all the amazing people who became good friends, for all the rakets which paid the bills, for the quality time with my loved ones, for all the adventures and misadventures and most importantly for allowing me try again. Whatever was lost in 2011, was replaced with far more better things. I am also thankful to all the people I’ve met who became my friends and to all my long time friends who have remained to be the same. As I bid goodbye to your near perfectness, I want to tell you that you will surely be missed. But unlike with other goodbyes, you have put me in a position wherein I will be happy to let go.

As I say hello, to a new friend – 2013, may you be as steadfast as the previous year. Please don’t make the world end just yet. We have to work double time as we make things happen this year. I think 2012 has set the bar high. But don’t be pressured because we will make this through together bringing all the positive goodness of 2012. I won’t make any resolutions this 2013. Better yet, I will just continue to do things which made a difference this year. And oh 2013, let’s put more content to this blog please. This isn’t a personal blog, you know. This is supposed to be a travel blog.  🙂 Allow me to travel more and write more hoping to reach more people and inspire them.

And to you reading this post (whom I know is a good friend), I am grateful to have met you. Hoping that whatever our heart desires will be a reality this year. Again, it’s time to own another year as we continue to dream BIG and MAKE things happen!

Happy New Year everyone! #makingithappen2013

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same here 🙂 cheers to a better and exciting 2013! 🙂

Comment by RyUnstoppable

Cheers to that! Happy New Year, Kuya Ryan 🙂

Comment by walksofkulot

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