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It all started with this. Prepare for Liftoff.

Childhood dream no more

I remember as a kid, I wished that one day I would become an astronaut. It’s a farfetch dream I thought – something that will just remain to be a fragment of my childhood fantasies. As I grew older, I almost forgot about this dream and just settled myself into a career which is equally out-of-this-world. Advertising it is. But I guess dreams do happen. It might not be how you envisioned it to be but in some way or another it can be possible. And I am lucky to be part of a project that will launch the first Filipino in space.

The Campaign

Axe, the world’s most popular grooming brand from Unilever has just launched its newest fragrance worldwide – the Axe Apollo. And what a fitting way to celebrate this milestone in Axe history than to literally send someone to space! Yes, you heard it right. Space as in Outer Space. Last January 9, 2012, Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon) announced the formation of the Axe Apollo Space Academy in New York. The brand in partnership with an American space travel firm called the  Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) will be launching 22 lucky earthlings to space in 2014.

First Pinoy in Space

10 hours after the New York launch, Axe Philippine’s Brand Manager, Gem Laforteza officially launched the campaign in White Space in Makati. The space-themed event was attended by bloggers, members of the press, and people from the publication and digital industries.  It’s a milestone for the whole nation as one Filipino will get the chance to experience space travel via a space aircraft built by XCOR Aerospace. It’s about time that the Philippines join the space race and thanks to this campaign for bringing the hopes of many Pinoys of travelling into space into a reality.

Be the First Filipino in space! (Photo from Axe Philippine’s Facebook page)

The Axe Apollo launch set-up at Whitespace.

The space control room installation at the venue.

The roster of men who conquered space. Are you the next Armstrong?

I want to be the First Filipino Astronaut. How do I join?

First, one must log-in to to register and create your astronaut avatar. The top 10,000 contestants with the most number of votes will advance to the next round. Axe has not officially announced the challenges yet but only two lucky contestants will be flown to the Axe Apollo Global Space Camp in Florida. They will undergo a series of training together with other contestants from other participating countries and only one Filipino will be selected to join the space travel. To get the latest updates about this campaign, Like Axe Philippine’s official facebook page.

Axe Apollo website homepage

Axe Apollo website homepage

I might not be the one going to space but I felt excited and happy that somehow I’ve become a part of something that I’ve dreamt of before. We are now living in a world where our childhood dreams can be a reality. It’s just a matter of making that one giant leap and working towards it. Who knows years from now space travel will be available to almost everyone.

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Exactly how do you make this Axe Apollo Avatar? I tried registering but it only led me to the “Thank You” page. Please advise. Thanks!

Comment by Jel

Hi Jel, once you register it will prompt you to take a photo/upload a photo of yourself. 🙂

Comment by walksofkulot

the top ten thousand?, u mean when ur included in the top ten thousand u will participate in the national contest? how many they will get in the national contest?

Comment by richel

Hi Richel, you have to register via Have your friends vote for you to be included in the TOP 10,000 contestants. Axe hasn’t announced yet the elimination process for the 10,000 participants. But from the 10,000 only two will be chosen to be sent to Florida. 🙂

Comment by walksofkulot

yes i’m in, i’m presently in the top 200.

Comment by richel

Cool! Good luck 🙂

Comment by walksofkulot

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