The Walks of Kulot


I haven’t blogged anything for quite sometime. To make-up for my backlog posts, here’s a quick beach fix suggestion perfect for this Summer season. So read on and plan that long due weekend getaway with your friends.

Quezon’s quick beach fix destinations

Most of the time you have to travel far and wide and spend a lot to enjoy pristine white sand beaches with clear blue waters. But if you’re a weekend warrior on a budget looking for the best weekend beach trip relatively close to Manila then head to Padre Burgos in Quezon for an island hopping adventure! Moreover, the beaches of Padre Burgos is slowly getting attention as a beach camping destination for weekend adventurers who want to stay on the beach without the frills of luxury accommodations. Just pitch a tent and you’re all set!

Three of the well-known beaches in Padre Burgos are Borawan, whose name is a portmanteau of Boracay and Palawan because of its white sand shoreline and tall rock formations; Puting Buhangin/Kuwebang Lagpas, known for its powder white sand, clear turqouise waters perfect for swimming and cave situated at one end of the island which has an opening to the other side of the bay; and Dampalitan, which has a longer shoreline than the previous two making it a perfect venue for beach camping and not to mention it also the perfect spot for a picturesque sunset.

The islands are yours for the picking. Just bring your tent, food and drinks, your friends and an adventurous attitude and it will surely be one of the weekends you won’t forget.

Here are some of the photos of the islands:

The sight of white beach and tall coconut trees (sans the tower in the background) is a delight to any sun worshiper.

Obviously, Puting Buhangin got it’s name from it’s near perfect white sand.

Just bring a frisbee and you’re all set with your friends.

During low-tide, you can enter the cave at the other end of the island.

You can stay overnight in the island, just make sure to bring your own tent.


Dampalitan has a bigger area for pitching tents. The beach is less crowded compared to Puting Buhangin.

A sandbar? Not quite. But yeah, this area in Dampalitan is perfect if you just want to laze around the beach.

The steady waters of Padre Burgos.

Then again, nothing beats a perfect afternoon sunset by the beach. So if you’re planning for a no-frills, low-budget, and short trip this Summer the beaches in Padre Burgos is a must-visit.

How to get there: Take a bus at Jac Liner Cubao/Buendia station going to Lucena (3-4 hrs). Drop off at Lucena Grand Terminal. Take a Van going to Padre Burgos/Unisan (approx 1 hr depending on road conditions). Drop off at Crossing going to Basiao Beach. Make boat arrangements for island hopping (boat rental may vary depending on the number of islands to be visited, if all three (Borawan, Dampalitan, Puting Buhangin) it would cost approx. P2,200