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THOUGHTS OF KULOT: Pilipinas Kay Ganda

The new Philippine tourism logo: Pilipinas Kay Ganda

With no contradiction at all, I certainly agree that the Philippines is so beautiful – as what the new tagline says. But I think “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”, when used as a tagline or a catch phrase lacks the oomph appeal or the wapak! factor – a term my college professor would describe advertisements with a kick or ads that work. I am one of the many Filipinos who was inspired to support local tourism after watching the series of the WOW Philippines ad campaign under the administration of Sec. Richard Gordon as DOT secretary eight years ago. The ad was done in good taste, it was simple, the message was clear (Philippines: More than the usual) and the tagline WOW Philippines instantly gained popularity and recognition worldwide. The campaign even won “Best International Video Advertising” award at the Internationale Tourismus Borse (ITB) in Berlin. If I am not mistaken the ad was also done with a limited budget but it turned out to be successful. I can’t help but write about this, because I think the WOW Philippines campaign has really set a benchmark as our country’s tourism brand over the past years and to be replaced with something that sounds like a morning talk show, game show or a parlor chain won’t give justice to the people who worked hard to make WOW Philippines a huge success.

Since I believe the current administration/Department of Tourism is open to suggestions, here are my thoughts:

1. I think there’s nothing wrong with using Filipino as a medium for the tagline but like the concern of many, aren’t we targeting foreigners to visit our country? Why not use English as medium for the international campaign and Filipino for the local/domestic campaign? But I think, Philippines So Beautiful wouldn’t work either. If we can’t go away with tagalog I think (like the suggestion of many) Mabuhay Philippines, would be better. We could strengthen the country’s brand equity as a place where everyone is welcome at the same promoting Filipino hospitality.

2. Improve and not totally eradicate the WOW Philippines campaign. I think the WOW Philippines campaign was a huge success and giving it a new life or re-launching it into something as “New and Improved Wow Philippines” would be better. They might want to improve the current musical scoring–same tune but more upbeat, catchy and lively maybe?  I don’t know.  They could even add more snippets/video montage ideas for the more than the usual part. For example: More than the usual  staircase, Banaue Rice Terraces; More than the usual cruise, Vinta of Zamboanga; More than the usual paintings, Pintados Festival; More than the usual parade, Sinulog, Kadayawan or Holy Week celebrations etc. There are a lot to choose from.

3.  Seek help/creative advice from the best ad agencies in the country or better yet ask Team Manila to create the tourism logo. I believe Team Manila is one of the best creative design studios in the country and the good thing about their company is that they support our country’s tourism industry. Their designs are modern, vibrant, youthful and of course proudly-Filipino made! There are many creative Filipinos out there willing to help the DOT, allow them to do what they do best.

As a Filipino citizen blogging about the best his country has to offer, I think a good tourism campaign would encourage us to do better promoting our country because we believe and we support where our country’s tourism industry is heading to.


Why do I care so much with this issue? Same sentiments as Dennis Garcia:

Dennis Garcia captured the sentiments of many of us who care for this country on his Facebook page: “Somebody asked me why I’m wasting time, fussing about DOT’s ‘harmless’ slogan and feeble communications thrust. Three answers: 1) I have no tolerance for mediocrity, 2) My high expectations for the President are being eroded by idiots working for him, and 3) most important..I give a damn, it’s my country.”