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It all started with this. Prepare for Liftoff.

Childhood dream no more

I remember as a kid, I wished that one day I would become an astronaut. It’s a farfetch dream I thought – something that will just remain to be a fragment of my childhood fantasies. As I grew older, I almost forgot about this dream and just settled myself into a career which is equally out-of-this-world. Advertising it is. But I guess dreams do happen. It might not be how you envisioned it to be but in some way or another it can be possible. And I am lucky to be part of a project that will launch the first Filipino in space.

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Pasalubong treats that keep on giving

One of the most clicked tags in my blog is Baguio’s Good Shepherd pasalubong. Some would even ask for the prices of the products. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it before. So during my previous visit to Baguio, I made sure to get the prices of the famous Good Shepherd treats and publish it here.

One of Mountain Maid's famous products - Ube Jam

The Religious of the Good Shepherd was established in the year 1912 in the Philippines. It was founded by St. Mary Euphrasia whose main mission was directed to the most neglected and marginalized. To concretize the mission, the Mountain Maid training center was established. Supervised by the RGS nuns, the training facility provides livelihood and education to chosen youth in the Mountain province area. They are also responsible for the production of Mountain Maid products. The sister’s strawberry Jam remains to be a favorite since 1953 when people from the convent’s neighborhood exclaimed that “the sisters made the best jam in town!”.

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It’s time to prove to the whole world that the Philippines truly deserves a spot at the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Let’s make our country proud by casting our vote for Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River.

The New Seven Wonders of Nature website. Cast your votes at

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The lower portion of the river is subject to tidal influences. The underground river is reputed to be the world’s longest. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water’s edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave. (Text from the New Seven Wonders of the world website)

Let’s all make our votes count! Vote by clicking on this link. Be proud of our own!

Kulot’s Picks: Power Pops!

Lemon Square’s Power Pops!

Power Pops! Champorrado flavor

Lemon Square’s Power Pops! is a local version of Kellog’s famous breakfast snack, Rice Krispies.  It is made from crunchy and crispy rice with two different flavors to choose from – Champorado and Milky Carrramel. My personal favorite is the Champorado flavor because it has this distinct cocoa flavor that tastes like the real Filipino-favorite chocolate porridge. I commend Lemon Squares for innovating a product that caters to the Filipino taste. The good thing about this snack is that it is very affordable. For less than P6.00 you can already enjoy a bar. It also comes in a pack of 10 which you can buy for less than P50.00 in your favorite groceries. Now, everyone can enjoy breakfast and champorado any time of the day!

For more information about Power Pops! and other products of Lemon Squares,  please click on this link.